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Love his drama medical too that he play as doctor Aizawa he is so cool on code blue series season 1,2 and 3. Japanese is my first begin self learn on foreign language~!!!!! I like you action with girl actress, Nana Komatsu in movie kinkyori Renai... Really enjoy your acting and range of emotion you showed as a Shinto priest. Really looking forwars for more drama/movie from you! はい、それでは。ありがとう、山P、いえ、エロP。(笑)バイバイ。 大好き! Dudo que estos comentarios los lea realmente Tomohisa, pero...

I try watched him in movie Kinkyori Renai and i like him when he fall in love with student (Nana Komatsu). suerte y que siempre sigas superándote, algún día me encantaría ver a un tomo, hecho un gran actor.

Simply because his fans grew up too and for different targeted audiences! I hope yamapi's fan club from Japan could make engsub for every yamapi's video so that his fanclub members can grow. Even if he got that almost perfect looks and figure, his heart is still pure, he communicates with his fans. No need to bash him just because your opinion is opposite to what the fans think^^ Dear Pi, i hope you will continue doing your best everyday. Code Blue 2 was so far away and i really start wondering when will we see you again for season drama.

This guy makes me wanna learn japanese language :)) The best of his performances is with Horikita Maki. He always tries his best and ended as a good result. I hope you'll pick a good script and then wow-ing your way again in many people's heart.

I also like him in dorama 5ji Kara 9ji Made with Satoshi Ishihara, this drama was so funny (romance comedy). Among all his dramas, I love Buzzer Beat the most bcs i like to see him with Keiko Kitagawa. The best scene in Buzzer Beat in episode 5 when they hugged each other at basketball court. Yamapi-kun is great actor and singer, I've been his fan frm years since he was in NEWS band till now I still really love him! Just keep on showing them what you truly are and that you are a great person. i spent most of my time watching dorama and end up falling for Yamapi, though I must admit his acting skill is still not that good, but HE IS NO DOUBT THE CUTEST JAPANESE EVER, i know i'm being irrational to love him just by his looks---but lemme say it one more time: DEFINETELY THE HOTTEST AND CUTEST JAPANESE EVER!!

Now, i just finished watching Buzzer Beat even this drama in 2009. ♡♡( ; A ; ) I like his last drama from five to nine and close range love movie! But, i really really enjoy most of his dramas, he definetely got that "charm", ah, its hard to explain it in english, but I think he has talent for acting. x D I hope you make more drama in the future, i'll definetely be watching it all...!

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