Xbox live not updating to gold being 50 and dating again

Jabba's lust for humanoid females like Leia originates from years of Hutt tradition.Thousands of years ago on Nal Hutta, ancient Hutt tribes would kidnap beautiful females like Leia and force them into sexual slavery.Enslaved by the mighty Jabba, the rebel princess sat beside her new master on his dais, with only a few pillows for comfort on the throne.A collar with a chain attached around her neck allowed Jabba to bend her to his will, until she rebelled against him, strangling him with the very leash he used to keep her captive.She was also very resilient, not even weeping upon the destruction of her home planet Alderaan.

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Upon seeing her face alone, Jabba was especially aroused.However, she had to rely on Luke's plan to work in order to free herself from the Hutt's enslavement.If Luke should fail, she would have to reconcile herself to a fate worse than death: being forever bound to the vile Hutt, never to leave his sight again without his permission, her every evening spent bathing in his disgusting secretions and discharges, his seepages and sludges in endless daily "lovemaking" sessions, forced to perform the most intimate and sensuous of acts with this creature. Although Princess Leia had successfuly freed Han Solo from carbonite, she and her lover were immediately captured by the crime lord Jabba the Hutt, who had seen through her disguise as the bounty hunter Boussh.Leia Organa infiltrated Jabba's palace to free Han Solo from carbonite.However, she was captured by Jabba the Hutt and forced to wear nothing but a skimpy dancing girl's outfit.

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