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Everybody sucks,' then you're the one creating the bad energy," Graham writes.

She believes there's one "twin flame soulmate" for everyone, and until you meet that person, you have "fillers" — relationships that come along to teach you about yourself and prepare you for that final, spiritually destined partnership.Here's what I learned: Both Graham and Whelan brought up my past in some way.While Graham quickly zeroed in on an ex-boyfriend, that after being broken up for four years, still contacts me from time-to-time, Whelan talked about my dad.While I wish I was able to meet with these experts in person, we had readings over the phone that surprised me with how accurate they were and how much insight they were able to detect.Though of course naysayers will comment on my major Google-ability as a dating writer, I tried to keep an open mind — and more importantly, an open heart — as I listened to them detect my future love life.

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