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They’re having fun, and the relationship has the potential to turn serious if that continues.” Despite the huge age gap, the relationship between Rossdale and Sophia is going strong following his split from his wife, Gwen Stefani, of nearly 13 years.

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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned an e Harmony advert which claimed that the website has a ‘scientifically proven matching system’ to pair up people trawling through the Internet for ‘the one’. Don’t worry, e Harmony were saying, we’ve got this because we can ‘decode the mystery of compatibility and chemistry so you don’t have to.’ ‘Why’ they went on to add would you be so daft as to ‘leave the most important search of your life to chance? MORE: What's the pill doing to your mental health? A study conducted last year by researchers at the University of Utah set out to see if it was possible to predict attraction between two people based on matching character traits like extraversion, ambition, sense of humour, intelligence, political views or religion. Professor Samantha Joel, who worked on the study, said ‘we found we cannot anticipate how much individuals will uniquely desire each other in a speed-dating context with any meaningful level of accuracy.’ She added ‘I thought that out of more than 100 predictors, we would be able to predict at least some portion of the variance.

At around 900 AD there lived a man called Luain Mac Luighdeach - Luain son of Lewy. Luain acted as a guide to travellers who had to venture across the rapid torrent of the Shannon.

It is known that he established an Inn close to "Ath Mor - The Great Ford". A settlement grew up around the crossing point and in time the place came to be known by his name. Later King Turlough O' Connor built the first wooden castle here in 1129 to protect this settlement.

There were lots of positives, and with time they’ll become more and more obvious.” Rossdale and Stefani shares three sons, Kingston, 10, Zuma, 8, and Apollo, 3.

The boys all followed their dad on the road this weekend.

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