Write a program to updating random access file

GPG is used to identify yourself and authenticate your communications, including those with people you do not know.

GPG allows anyone reading a GPG-signed email to verify its authenticity.

The records in random-access file can be accessed directly and quickly without searching through a large number of records as in the case of sequential-access file.

Random-access file is used in instant access systems such as banking system, sale system, air-line reservation system…etc.

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In some situations, the programs require to access a particular record immediately.

This is particularly important when it comes to mobile computers and removable media.

This passphrase "unlocks" the bulk encryption key that is used to decrypt your partition.The file defines the individual slots using key-value pairs.Each slot definition can contain a description, a specification of the token library to be used, and an ID of the slot's manufacturer.This means that the private key does not leave the card.To connect to a remote server using your smart card for authentication, enter the following command and enter the PIN protecting your card: FIPS 201-2 requires explicit user action by the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cardholder as a condition for use of the digital signature key stored on the card. are variable-length symmetric keys generated by the kernel that utilize the kernel keyring service.

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