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DO NOT just follow these screenshots—they don’t have all of the info you need.

You need to go to the web pages I’ve provided links to for all the details.

Putting this on an SD card is actually a superior procedure to a direct download to the camera from the Internet, which is the way Olympus does it.

If you want horror stories about Olympus camera firmware updates which are caused by a direct download from a web page directly to camera, take a look at this thread on DPReview.

The SD card is the way to go even though this whole process is painful.

The US Panasonic web site seems to have a much simpler way and instructions for updating firmware. If the battery is not completely charged the firmware update will not begin. For “Mac” users, can use “Finder” if the drive does not mount to your desktop. “Drag” to Copy and Paste” the file from the opened folder to the drive with the SD Card showing in your “My Computer” window for “PC” users and “Finder” or “Drive” in Macs. If your PC asks you to format the card, DO NOT, this is one indication that your system is not compatible with the newer larger memory cards. The following are step by step instructions on how the update process works with screenshots of what you will see during the process. I’m going to use the newest firmware update for the GH4 as the example for this exercise. This takes you to the next page which is completely confusing since it has virtually every other camera and lens but the GH4.There are probably more things I can thank these people for, and many more people I should thank, but I can’t figure who you are probably (feel free to e-mail me, I appreciate you work even if it is not clear to me your are behind it).Several months ago I wrote a very detailed post on how I’ve been updating firmware for my Lumix cameras and lenses. I was going to take it down and replace it with this new updated information but I’ve decided to just add this to the top of the original post so comments can be retained. Drag the file from the opened folder to the device that either says Panasonic or mass storage to complete the transfer. “SDXC cards, 32GB or larger, require special card readers. The current update process is not easy, and I’ve explained this to the Panasonic folks more than once.The above screenshot shows the beginning of the instructions for the Windows update process.Keep in mind, the screenshot above is just a portion of the instructions since I can’t fit all of them in a screenshot sample.

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