Word updating cross references

In MS Word, I often find that moving figure captions in a document breaks cross-references to the figure number.Below is a simple example, in which a caption was added by right-clicking on an image, resulting in a field in the caption text.In addition to spending his time educating potential and existing customers about all things Mad Cap Software, Justin likes listening to hip-hop, tackling his next art project, and exploring his creative side.DON’T MISS OUT ON MADCAP NEWS Get the Latest Updates from Mad Cap Software with Mad Cap Insider Newsletter.

A hyperlink is a way for you to architect how a user will get from one place to another.

Word has problems with cross references when track changes is on.

Turn track changes off, make the change and turn it on again.

However, these will automatically be taken care of at compile time and will display the correct reference title in the generated output.

However, Flare has the ability for you to update Cross-References in a topic so that you can spot-check Cross-References are linking to the appropriate content.

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