Who was rihanna dating before chris brown

Chris Brown (born Christopher Maurice Brown ) is an American rapper known for his Grammy Award-winning 2011 album 'F. Brown's parents were fans of Sam Cooke and Michael Jackson, leading to inspiration for their son.

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Brown released his second studio album, 'Exclusive', on 6th November 2007.According to reports from TMZ, a number of officers were waiting for Brown at the side of the stage while he performed.Apparently, the arrest was because Brown was wanted under an outstanding warrant from a nearby county’s jurisdiction, and the star quickly posted a ,000 bail and was released. Continue reading: Chris Brown Arrested After Stepping Off Stage In Florida A woman is suing pop star Chris Brown, claiming she was raped by another man during a party at his home last year.The restraining order was later amended to allow Brown and Rihanna to attend awards ceremonies at the same time.Biography by Chris Brown has reportedly been arrested by police the very moment he stepped off stage after his gig in Florida.

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