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But in 2010 he was offered a full football scholarship from Division I-AA Northern Arizona University.But he decided to stick with Oaks Christian High School and finished the season there.His most memorable appearance was as himself in the “David Blane: Real or Magic” special from 2013.Trey Smith is a gifted athlete and has been playing for Oaks Christian High School.Son of Will Smith and stepson of Jada Pinkett Smith.He appeared in two episodes of the TV series All of Us and was also featured in the music video for his father's 1998 single "Just the Two of Us." He has over 210,000 followers on Instagram.He has stared in several movies and shows, but nothing significant for now.

He lives in Los Angeles as well as his family does. Trey Smith takes after his father in appearance and shows us that the apple does not fall far from the tree.The high school which he attended is also nicknamed “Hollywood High” due to the number of celebrity children attending it.He attended school with Wayne Gretzky’s son Trevor and Joe Montana’s son, Nick.There are no news about Trey Smith currently dating anybody.Although he is often seen with many different girls, there are no clear implications that some of them is his girlfriend.

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