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He has performed covers with stars like Joey Graceffa, Alex Goot, and Landon Austin on his channel.

star dropped some personal news with her followers.

Those who make excuses for, subscribe to, or otherwise support them in any way, contribute to the overall climate of abuse.

Luke shouldn't be let off this easy based on the bullshittest of apologies where he defects any real blame on his victims.

When the whole youtuber underage drama was going on no-one indicated Luke as part of the soliciting underage fans group, so I wonder if Shane has let on more than we knew?Luke and Kristina were dating from December 2009 to approximately June 2010, but they insist that ALL CAPS is still together, and will begin performing again after Kristina's voice heals.It was eventually revealed that Luke Conard was manipulative and abusive towards Kristina Horner. On the O2L thread someone posted they didn't think Luke would be helping Ricky Dillon with his shitshow of a music career.I went back and checked, and found this in the description for Ricky's latest cover/autotuned-crime-against-humanity -- "also HUGE thanks and shoutout to my good friend Luke for producing this song for me.

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