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reports that Alex Rodriguez--okay, A-Rod--is getting cozy with Cameron Diaz again (they broke up for a while this fall but are back together now), recently bringing her on vacation with him and his two young kids.

And his ex-wife, we're told, is not happy about it. Then there's the story--brewing for several months--of the animosity between Le Ann Rimes and Brandi Glanville (the ex-wife of Le Ann's now-official-fiance Eddie Cibrian) which frequently bursts aflame on Twitter.

I am his mother and he depends on ME to make sure his world is darn near perfect.

I don't take that responsibility lightly and have a very difficult time entrusting that responsibility to anyone - even his father (my husband) at times.

I can't fathom another woman, at this point, coming in and even attempting to take over.

He IS MY BABY and it doesn't matter if she is as wonderful as Carol Brady or as loving as June Cleaver.

As a woman married to a man who has 1) kids and 2) an ex-wife, and having written a stepmother-centric book on stepfamily life, my first impulse might be to feel for the stepmamas in these situations.

Particularly when Le Ann steps on her turf and her toes with frequent tweets about how she loves Cibrian's kids like they're her own, referring to them in print and via Twitter as "my boys," and publicly cataloguing her 20K Christmas purchases for them?

So for the mothers with very young children who have divorced their father, I completely understand their need to be intrusive, to be included and to protect their young!

~Kela Kela, Thanks for you very valuable perspective and the "double visions" you bring to the table as someone who is both a mother and a stepmother.

Maternal feelings are primal and powerful and protective and yes, sometimes they are petty.

Beyond having been cheated on and dumped, what are the roots of ex-wife resentment?

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