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He subsequently withdrew his candidacy because he did not want to comply with the financial disclosure requirements for candidates.

His platform included restoring the death penalty, limiting road construction work to nighttime hours, and abolishing tolls.

Stern attended Roosevelt Junior High School, where he was supposedly one of the few white students in a predominantly African American school.

During a 1992 special, Howard Stern's former gym teacher ('Mr.

Stern's guest appearance on Late Night with David Letterman on June 19, 1984, launched Stern into the national spotlight and gave his radio show unprecedented exposure.

In addition to radio, Stern has ventured into publishing, television, feature films, and music.show documenting his radio broadcasts, a similar CBS program that competed with Saturday Night Live for a time, "Howard On-Demand" for digital cable subscribers in various markets, and Son of the Beach, a comedic parody of Baywatch for FX which Stern executive produced.In 2006, Howard was elected into Time Magazine's "Time 100: The People who shape our world" Howard Stern was born into a Jewish American family in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York.The program made great sport of feuding with other cities' top-rated DJs, and soon Stern's broadcast was #1 in important markets, including Philadelphia and Los Angeles.His Arbitron numbers were strongest in the country's #1 radio market, New York City, where his morning ratings more than tripled his station's average numbers the rest of the day.

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