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Following the end of the ABC series, Swank received a much deserved break when she was cast as the female lead in the drama film, The fourth instalment of the franchise, it featured a screenplay written by Mark Lee and was released in theatres on September 9, 1994.

Directed by Christopher Cain, it centred around a troubled, adolescent girl who later finds herself training under Mr. Upon hitting the screens, received many praises for its actingーhowever it proved to be a failure at the box office.

By the end of its six-and-a-half theatrical run, it had raked in over 6 millionーmaking it a massive commercial success.

Deemed as a masterpiece by many viewers, it was named as the best film of 2014 by the Chicago Sun Times.

Although she didn’t have any professional experienceーhaving only acted in a children’s production of Created by Matthew Carlson, who also helped to write the story, it revolved around a young woman by the name of Ricky Wilder, who opens up her home to the friends of her siblings.

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Based on the real life story of Brandon Teena, it received over thirty industry awardsーa handful of which went to Swank.An avid athlete, Swank was a competitive swimmer and was also talented in gymnasticsーhaving managed to ranked fifth in the state in the all-around. Later relocating to Los Angeles with her mother, the two lived out of their car for a short period of time whilst trying to save up for an apartment.Extremely close with one another, Swank has cited her mother to be one of her life’s greatest inspirations.A commercial flop, it only grossed .8 million from a million budgetーmaking it the least successful film of The Karate Kid series.While veteran actor Noriyuki Morita reprised his role as Keisuke Miyagi in the movie, Swank portrayed the part of Julie Pierceーthe girl whom he eventually takes under his wing.

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