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I am approaching this reality now: one day, hopefully not soon, but given that her body continues to fail her, maybe soon, my mother won’t be here anymore.

I’m actually not sure if I can or will make it without her.

I was halfway through a second time when I remembered I didn’t have a highlighter to pull out amazing passages.

And that sucks during a great book like this one because there are so many. Poetry“In hindsight, I have no idea why he was ever with me.” Maybe it’s just me, but she’s so clever you almost miss it.

I wondered if I’d be able to write about without addressing the Colin Farrell. He is, as promised, as spectacularly f-cked up as you expect him to be. Though it’s beside the point, yeah, totally, your gossip junkie will be more than satisfied.

The Colin Farrell is what most people are fixating on; what, with all due respect to Forrest, garnered so much attention for the book in the first place. But there’s a lot more to worry about where Emma is concerned than who is breaking her heart. You wouldn’t believe them anyway even if she did try to convince you.

At 16 she was writing her own column for the Sunday Times. He died suddenly of cancer just as she was recovering.

She was contributing to the Guardian by the age of 21. is a tribute to him, an account of her darkest days, and an attempt to remember his guidance as she navigates “those cold, deep patches of the sea where people lose their lives”; it’s as much about self-preservation without him as it is about honouring his great work, ultimately by her wellness.

What emerges then is a poignant and powerful portrait of a woman with a devastating curse and an extraordinary gift, while paying homage to the angel who helped her reconcile the two.

Or this: I did have a boyfriend – the Bad Boyfriend – and he was a huge part of the loneliness. Men want you because you’re sexy and broken and when it gets too rough they can say “Hey! ” and toss you aside without feeling bad.’How do you feel sorry for yourself ON TOP of feeling sorry for yourself without sounding like you’re feeling sorry for yourself? In language that is modern, cool, smart but always, always honest, balancing the bleak… You stay completely still because you’re so afraid of what is brushing your leg (even though it could be nothing because your mind is already gone). I hold my hands over my breasts in my days and weeks and months (there), as if someone might steal them.

In hindsight, I have no idea why he was ever with me. With the self-deprecating…I often go to Century 21, the discount clothes store located at the World Trade Center, because it opens at 7am and I have too many hours to kill.

I feel corny as sh-t saying it, but I have read those two pages 4 or 5 times now and every time I feel like weeping.

When it comes to working out, Emma Forrest has been a huge fan of Pilates.

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