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Why, "Hallelujah," made famous by Jeff Buckley and sung by Chester Bennington at Chris Cornell's funeral.The chorus was lead by Carrie Manolakos, who rose to fame after a You Tube video of her rendition of Radiohead's creep (written by Fraserfarian Thom Yorke) went viral.The media seems to have moved on but the Pearly Stoneman Douglas high school glee club put on a gala benefit concert in Sunrise, Florida last week.The charity Broadway Cares co-produced and brought a lot of "oh yeah, that one" celebrities to sing show tunes and the like.The Vancouver woman, Jennifer Kobelt, 28, said the experiment she was subjected to last year — which had no apparent connection to Tourette's syndrome — took place in a small commercial building in Halfmoon that has been used for years by NXIVM for training and seminars. The Times Union piece also named a contingent of actresses, including Linda Evans, Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, and Kristin Kreuk.I don't know if it's by accident or by design, but this NXIVM operation seems absolutely hellbent on confirming the most extravagantly-suspicious theories of the Truther community. Grace Park, best known for roles on Hawaii Five-O and Battlestar Galactica, took part in “Keith Raniere Conversations,” a collection of “informal thoughts on civilization, ethics & humanity.” - Daily Beast(Roger) Stone, paid by NXIVM, had funneled at least ,000 to the state GOP; the heirs to Seagram’s fortune are devotees; and, per the Post, Richard Mays — a Clinton friend and one of Hillary’s top fund-raisers — is an “Espian” as well, having taken so-called intensive classes with Raniere.- New York Magazine, 2007Well, maybe for the same reason it took so long to shut down Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and Bill Cosby.

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Along with the occasional twelve year-old or two, apparently.

Speaking of Rosemary's Baby, there's a new series in the works putting a spin on the old saw.

is given 25 to 30 suitors to choose from, with the season ideally ending with love and a marriage proposal.

Do note that many of these cartels are pledged to Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, and have been actively involved in all manners of occultic activities, from Santeria to flat-out Satanism, up to and including no small number of ritualistic killings.

Abba’s Björn Ulvaeus revealed details of the band’s forthcoming project in Brussels earlier this week.

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