Who is becka adams dating

She also dated Adam Torres before his death and was in a relationship with his brother Drew.She is labelled as "Little Miss Not So Innocent." Becky is portrayed by Sarah Fisher.Baker)Noob (by Hunter)Sis (by Luke)Sicko (by Luke)Babe (by Drew)Princess (by Hunter)Creepy Old Perv (by Imogen) Rebecca "Becky" Baker is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2014. Raised as a conservative Christian, Becky always puts family, as well as her faith, first.Her family moved to Canada so her brother Luke, could play hockey.Becky is extremely disappointed, and tells Jenna she did it for the wrong reasons, and that's not what being a Christian is about.She accepts Jenna's apology later at church and gives her a hug, but tells her to stay away from Luke.

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Becky is then seen at the Torres' party, and just as Adam is about to burn a pile of uniforms on a barbecue grill, she scolds him by letting him know that they can, and will, be given to charity and that she'll do it on "his" behalf.

Becky introduces herself and immediately invites her to come and sing at the Baker house for "some people who are coming over." To Becky's delight, Jenna accepts, though the plans get a little ruined when Jenna finds out that she has been invited to sing for a teen Christian group, which is clearly not her thing.

The Bakers are everywhere, though, because soon the Baker siblings and Jenna find themselves happily teamed up for a history project, which causes Jenna and Becky to make amends.

Becky at first suspects Jenna is doing it for her, and is present at her baptism.

She later overhears Jenna and Alli talking, and exits the stall finding out Jenna lied about everything.

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