Who hannah montana dating

Oliver is very outgoing, flirtatious, and sometimes overly confident.

Aside from being bullied a few times, Oliver is well liked by most people.

In the end of episode Lilly and Oliver both say that they love each other.

It is also mentioned in this episode that Lilly is the only girl he has ever loved.

It is revealed that Oliver is a diabetic in the episode "No Sugar, Sugar." Oliver appears to be in touch with his feminine side, possibly as a result of his two best and closest friends are girls.

He reads his mother's "chick magazines," watches soap operas with his grandmother, and lets Miley give him a manicure in the episode "Cuffs Will Keep Us Together." Even though Oliver sometimes complains about not having very many guy friends, he obviously values his friendship Miley and Lilly, and they, in turn, value their friendship with him Oliver likes to rap. In the episode "Everybody Was Best-Friend Fighting," Oliver creates a disguise to attend Hannah events without blowing Miley's secret, similar to how Lilly created Lola Luftnagle.

However, before he met her, he had spread a rumor that she ate possum. He says his family keeps Kosher, and says his mom goes Mashugana, "crazy" in Yiddish.

He lives with his mother Nancy Oken who works as a police officer, his overprotective father, and a little brother. In the first two episodes, Oliver is overly enthusiastic Hannah Montana fan, saying "Hannah Montana is a goddess! " He has a record of stalking her and even dreams of one day marrying her.

When asked for his name, Oliver thinks of the name "Mike Stanley III", being inspired by a nearby Microphone stand]. He first dates Becca Weller whom Miley sets him up with after Becca confesses her feelings for Oliver to Hannah Montana in an email.

Oliver has a small role in the film because Mitchell Musso was working on his music career during the filming.

He became a supporting character in Season 4 because of Mitchell Musso's having a role in the Disney XD show, "Pair Of Kings" and because Oliver and his band was touring.

Oliver Oscar Oken (born on July 3, 1992) is the best guy friend to Miley Stewart, boyfriend to Lilly Truscott, and a main tritagonist.

He uses the alias "Mike Standley III" while attending events with Hannah Montana in order to keep Miley's secret.

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