Who akon dating

If Beyoncé and Jay Z don't want the public to speculate about their relationship, then they might want to take Akon's advice and be a little bit more forthcoming.However, judging by the conflicting information given by Beyoncé, as well as the complete absence of facts, it's quite possible that speculation and talk is exactly what this so-called corporate couple wants."If you become a public figure and you have a relationship, your relationship also becomes public," he said.

As for his own upcoming album, Akon says that in addition to Lady Gaga, he's also working with Dutch dance DJ/producer Chuckie, DJ David Guetta, who recently collaborated with Akon on "Sexy Bitch," and hip-hop heavyweight Dr. "You've got some straight hard-core hip-hop guys actually moving into the dance realm," Akon said. The site announcing the new crypto coin states that “Akon Crypto City” is also in development.The city is exactly what one would think; a futuristic, 100 percent crypto-based city.“Stadium” is going to be a collective of 40 songs and will be released through a special app.“I see music and entertainment as a marketing tool for doing things that you really want to do, and have a passion for.Ultimately, for the last five years, I’ve been more focused on my energy projects in Africa by bringing renewable and solar technologies there,” Akon toldin an exclusive interview.

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