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Following a series of changes introduced on 22nd April 2014, the way in which family cases are dealt with by the courts has changed dramatically.The County Courts and Magistrate Courts are now combined and are called the Prior to applying for some private family law orders from the court an applicant will be required by law to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) with the respondent to see whether the matter can be resolved without going to court.Indeed many people, both from California and elsewhere, have enrolled in university there for that very reason.But while the parties in California are awesome, (so awesome you won’t remember most of them) the reality is that you never really meet people there.The method you will hear most commonly talked about is Mediation.

Social life in Germany tends to be relatively conservative.

The worst thing you can call someone really is a Nazi, so please don’t (yes I am talking to you drunk Americans).

This is a very emotional topic for Germans, even for the younger generation.

Felix von Wendorff studies econometrics as an international student at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

He grew up in California and moved to Germany to take advantage of the great (and free) education system.

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