Web site for dating fish

Because occasionally women (some admittedly decent but far from local?? They lack social skills, are rude and aggressive or just plain illiterate.

ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN "LADIES" also have to mention all the daft lists they have.

Gets their drinks and gets them dates & they're all married. He's not licensed or certified to be a teacher. He likes calling women bad nasty names when you call him out. Bathroom is nasty and his house smells like cat piss. He once pulled down my 2 year old grandsons underwear while he was walking by and thought it was funny. Had a few dates, all of the ladies were weird whether we got intimate first date or not.

The pretty ones were horrifically ugly by being arrogant and some otherwise unattractive ladies seemed nice on line.

And whew - the picky descriptions about exactly what kinda guys these ladies are looking for! They all think they're entitlement to the best Take a look at the headlines. Lied alot about where he was so he could be with his ex Sabrina.

Sorry, I'm going up to strangers in the supermarket and asking for phone numbers before I talk up any of these demanding old fatties online! He says he's in a band but all he is the bands gofer.

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