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We have wetsuits, boards of all shapes and sizes and the best So Cal instructors around. Available daily year-round, except for major holidays Guests may also add on the Del Surf Photography Package to any lesson for .

Grab a skim or boogie board or sign up for a surf or stand-up paddleboarding lesson.On a good note, the beds were comfortable and the shower nice (if you don't mind everyone in the bathroom seeing you naked..)and the is maid service was awesome. The review just gets better...5 out of the 11 of us got sick. It is now 3 weeks after vacation and I am still on medicine for parasites. Its a bad sign when the ENTIRE resort is out of Pepto, Gatorade and Immodium.I had traveled to Mexico many times and never experienced this. Enough that I had to buy everyone water shoes or they couldn't go out in the water. They water was brown it was so bad and there were 5 feet high piles of it on the beach.The hotel was nice and the beach was clean we never really had to leave the resort. That means if you are the first to board, you could wait an hour or more until the bus is filled. Take the map and pay attention to where everything is. If you are a fitness fanatics, no one under the age of 18 is permitted in the Health Club. As for Excursions: We did enjoy the Dolphinaris Dolphin Swim at the resort. There is so much to do at Xel Ha that you will not see the entire park in one day.They have a dolphin show on site, plenty of shopping and entertainment choices, and staff to help you book excursions. OVERALL - Fantastic trip Most hotel staff are amazing, friendly and accommodating. Negatives - when you exit the airport to the transportation area it is complete and total chaos. There are other activities offered by Dressel Diving at the resort.

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