Warrick brown dating catherine willows fanfiction

Her hand seemed to fit perfectly in his, and she would occasionally run her thumb over his hand before giving it a squeeze. She then moved to his hair, twitching a lock of it. ” He felt himself lean in automatically, and Hermione gave a soft laugh, taking his hand again.

As they walked, Hermione moved Harry’s hand so that it was right in front of her face, peering at it calculatingly. She led him into a nearby classroom and walked over to the teacher’s desk at the head of the room.

“Cho’s a pretty face, but that’s all I know about her. You’re a pretty face good conversation.” Hermione blushed at the compliment, giving him another kiss on the nose. “I have to sleep eventually, Harry.” “Oh, all right,” Harry said jokingly, acting as though it were a huge sacrifice.

“You’re so sweet.” They sat in silence after that, listening to the distant sounds of students moving about the corridors late at night. “Sitting here with you, no one to bother me with questions about the tournament or newspaper articles.” He opened his eyes, smiling up at Hermione. It was a half hour later that they finally decided to return to the common room. Currently, the pair was making their way through the halls to the unused classroom they had chatted in last night to begin their first dancing lesson.

He could talk to Hermione and be around her without being nervous for any stretch of time. ” Harry poked her in the side, and she jumped slightly, making an adorable squeaking sound.

“Honestly, I think I’d rather stay with you,” he concluded. “You know that’s not what I mean.” She resumed her ministrations on his hair, and he closed his eyes, shifting to allow her a better angle.

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“My hands aren’t soft,” he said, trying not to sound like a petulant child. I’d prefer to hold a soft hand than a rough hand.” “Can you…do that again? Hopping up to sit on it, she scooted to the far end, sitting cross-legged. The desk was just long enough that he could stretch his legs, and he lay there, staring up at Hermione’s face as she ran her fingers slowly through his hair. ” she asked after a few moments, and Harry made a noise to acknowledge his attention.

“They’re calloused and…rugged and manly.” Hermione burst out laughing and ran a finger over his palm. “If you found out Cho was somehow free for the ball, would you go with her right now? “It would be rude to just dump you like that.” Hermione smiled at him, leaning down to peck him on the nose.

He caught a whiff of her apple-scented hair as she straightened back up. But if I told you it was okay, would you rather go with her, or would you stay with me? On retrospect, he would probably be constantly worried about making a fool of himself in front of Cho.

“Do you mind if we just walk around for a little while?

I don’t feel like facing Ron right now.” “Sure,” Harry said, and Hermione laced her fingers with his, dragging him in the opposite direction of the common room.

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