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Like all silverface amps, the Vibrolux Reverb was modified in the CBS periods to increase the clean headroom.

The Vibrolux Reverb has become a very popular amp since The Tone Quest Report published the article “Under 40 Watt of Whoop Ass“, awarding the VR as the most preferred low wattage Fender amp.

This particular Jensen speaker with a Neo Dymium magnet will hold up against almost any 12″ speaker and is very efficient, responsive, punchy and and can take a lot of beating without farting out or breaking up.

Where the Jensen NEO-100 can be a bit dull and muddy, the Jet series Tornado excels with quacky and bell-like sparkling blackface tones.

Sonically, it offers everything we look for in a Fender amp; A dynamic and sensitive touch, brightness, volume, ambience, spread and a decent weight.A blackface Vibrolux with a pair of gold and red labeled Jensen is just a fantastic amp.The Jensen serial number starts with 220 followed by production year X(X) and week nr YY.See page How to select speakers for general speaker recommendations.See also the Super Reverb page for combinations of different speakers. If you want to get a bigger and warmer tone from your Vibrolux you may replace the original baffle with one that fits a 12″ and 10″ speaker.

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