Vkontakte updating of user details requires status change to online

VK instruments for advertisers are one of the most powerful.

The targeting in VK is a blast…You can’t meet such a hot narrowing and segmentation in Facebook Ads Manager.

VK is a little more faster, when it goes to uploading videos, making new posts.

Vk has possibility to write articles for your feed, you may select text and make it bold or italic, make a numerated list, big headers, photos, videos, gifs can be places between parts of texts, so it’s closer to blogs.

Russian-speaking users can choose between the standard Russian version and two extras: a Soviet version and a Pre-Revolutionary version. telegrams for messages and comrades for friends), these versions contain other easter eggs.

For example, all private messages in the Soviet version have a stamp saying 'passed server censorship'.

VK features an advanced search engine, that allows complex queries for finding friends, as well as a real-time news search. As of May 2018 the site is available in 86 languages, while advertisements are only shown in the Russian and Ukrainian versions.For example, if you opened a nailart studio, you can target at the cafe near you, and all who check in will see the adverstisement.You may select not only targeting but also placing a promo-post into a popular community with a high interaction rate.If you adjust everything correctly, you may be sure that your ads for an advanced SMM course will be shown only for SMM specialists of your city.You can make advertising to visitors of neighbour building with you.

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