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Press inquiries can be directed to gambit-inquiries AT mit DOT edu.

Taking place from June 2009 to August 2009, Vreeland's internship at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab involved him being placed into a team that, as he told Game Sauce, "worked together to create games that solved specific educational problems." One game that his team created "attempted to help teach math concepts like acceleration and velocity." Moreover, he continued, they "created two versions as a side effort to determine if narrative had any impact on the success of such an experience." ...

You can restore your composure (read: life) by taking a deep breath." MIT has established new game research facilities in the Karl Taylor Compton Laboratories (Building 26), where MIT's first computer game, Spacewar! The MIT Game Lab inaugurated its premises with a symposium on Sept.

21, "Games in Everyday Life and Why That Matters to You." The symposium brought together academics, students and professionals from varied industries such as games, health care and finance to discuss the role of research in game development and vice-versa.

The MIT Game Lab is a research group of MIT Comparative Media Studies in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

It was originally established as the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab in 2006.

Six of the finalists are being evaluated for the Adaptive Force Award (this year's Special Emphasis Award).

Adaptive Force games encourage the player to repeatedly try new or different strategies to solve problems while considering feedback with the purpose of improving overall success.

MIT researchers developed the game, which was finished in 1962, after Digital Equipment Corp. executive director of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, described the game as a two-player "Asteroids." "It was a way to test every single thing a machine could do in the 1960s," Tan said.

Indie Cade has announced its 36 finalists for this year's festival, including Fullbright Company's Gone Home and Cardboard Computer's Kentucky Route Zero.

The 36 finalists represent only a fraction of the total number of games to be exhibited, which will include top picks from the inaugural VR Jam and over 120 non-finalist selections including Zoe Quinn's Depression Quest.

Finalists are currently being reviewed by an esteemed panel of evaluators to determine the winners in the Business, Government, and Student categories.

Six of the finalists are also competing for the Best Mobile Game Award.

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