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Even if they are not cuckolds, some men secretly or overtly believe their dicks are too small.Because of that intrinsic feeling, based on their smaller penis size or other insecurities, they are more likely to go along with a wife or partner that is interested in sex with another man, and also more likely to become extremely submissive to the point of emasculation as sissy cuckolds are.A sissy cuckold is expected to do many of the same things a less submissive cuckold is, like watching his wife fucking the other man, or preparing a lovemaking bath for her and whoever will be pleasuring her that night.That may transition into a man feeling his dick is too small for his wife, not good enough to please her and therefore he understands why she would desire another man’s cock or actually fulfill that need by finding one.Cuckolding may begin innocuously enough by a man and his wife verbally sharing a fantasy.

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