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Fitzgibbon, Geoff Gross, and Andrew Zisserman VIII Table of Contents Calibration and Reconstruction Using Scene Constraints Geometrically Constrained Structure from Motion: Points on Planes 171 Richard Szeliski and P. Anandan Range Integration and Augmented Reality Applications Integration of Multiple Range Maps through Consistency Processing 253 Philippe Robert and Damien Minaud Fitting Geometrical Deformable Models to Registered Range Images 266 Stefan Grofikopf and Peter Neugebauer The Use of Reality Models in Augmented Reality Applications 275 Gudrun Klinker, Didier Strieker, and Dirk Reiners Applying Augmented Reality Techniques in the Field of Interactive Collaborative Design 290 Hagen Schumann, Silviu Burtescu, and Frank Siering Appendix A Guided Tour through Multiview Relations 304 Theo Moons Author Index 347 Cumuli^, Panorama^, and Vanguard^ Project Overview R. Panorama focusses on a highly calibrated setup used to capture 3D person mod- els. That is, is image-equivalent to for all C on the line.

A case in point is the use of multiple images to generate 3D models, without an explicit knowledge of the relative position of the cameras or the camera settings.

Much of the work reported here is to be seen especially against the background of a convergence between computer vision and computer graphics, and of a shift from signal-based to content-based image analysis in telecommunications.

Ac- cordingly, the requirements for 3D models and acquisition systems are also shift- ing.

1 The Cumuli Project Cumuli — “Computational Understanding of MULtiple Images” — is an Es- prit Long term Research project focusing on multi-image geometry and its applications to 3D industrial metrology. car crash testing; and Imetric based in Courgenay (Switzerland) are world leaders in high precision industrial photogrammetry from still images. Viva provided deep insights into the geometry of 3D perception with un- calibrated cameras. This curve is called the horopter for the two centres of projection.

It can be seen as a follow-up to the suc- cessful Esprit-BRA project Viva, which involved three of Cumuli’s academic partners: Lund University (C. The final partner, Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt and Munich, specializes in visual modelling for augmented and virtual reality. Wang from the Leibniz Reinhard Koch, Luc Van Gool (Eds.): SMILE ’98, LNCS 1506, pp. Cumuli builds on this, considering on the one hand auto- calibration, Euclidean structure and extensions to more general types of image features, and on the other the special problems introduced by image sequences. ) required to build large 3D models from image data. 1 Multi- camera Geometry, Discrete Images The first part of Cumuli concentrates on the geometry of discrete sets of im- ages of static scenes. Note in both these examples how the use of duality has taken intuitively obvi- ous statements concerning projections of collinear points and derived a result somewhat less obvious about points lying on a twisted cubic.

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