Vault manufacturing excel errors when updating

Here’s why: Manufacturing a product is multifaceted: engineering changes occur, parts become obsolete, suppliers run out of stock and the list goes on.

These challenges are difficult to handle without a systematic method to track, organize and share product information.

One of the biggest new features in e Volve 2.0 is the addition of System Families.

You can transfer an existing part numbering scheme or establish a new one when you get started.

Part numbering schemes in Arena PLM can be defined for a category or sub-category and can use formats as basic as a sequential series of numbers and as complex as a series of meaningful fields.

With multiple revisions of the same BOM circulated among the company, confusion and error were wreaking havoc.

Discover from David Sangster, SVP of Operations on how Nutanix used Arena’s patented cloud-based PLM solution to corral change management processes and achieve the following results: Arena PLM supports all part numbering schemes and allows you to use part numbers as efficiently as possible.

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