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David refused to kill Adam, but was secretly videotaped confessing that he'd been the one to give Adam the wrong medicine.Once the truth was out, David no longer had a reason to keep Allie's secret.He and another new doctor, Allie Doyle, both wanted the same room at Myrtle Fargate's boarding house and fought quite a bit from that point on.But at a relay run fundraiser for the children's ward, Jake and Allie realized they desired to be with one another. David Hayward came to Pine Valley to give a lecture on cardiac care but was also in town to find his old girlfriend, Allie. Shot in razor-sharp, crystal-clear High Definition, and not that pathetic grainy crap that passes off as "quality free porn movies" these days, it's time you found a real FREE porn site that values QUALITY just as much as quantity.

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Adam hired Jake as a production assistant at WRCW, hoping to catch his wife in flagrante so that he could divorce her and keep his money.

Joey left Pine Valley in 1991, divorced Emily Ann, and went to Stanford University for pre-med and medical school.

Joey was only referred to in phone calls and letters, and an occasional visit, until he returned to Pine Valley in 1996 after dropping out of medical school and changing his name to Jake.

With the help of Liza and Stuart, Jake and Allie devised a plan to get David to admit that he'd been the one to give Adam the wrong medication.

Liza told David that she wanted Adam dead so that she could be with Jake which would leave Allie free for David to pursue.

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