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The problem with online dating is that everyone involved is doing the same thing you are: trolling social media for 'right swipes' and 'matches', applying your own (often shallow) standards to narrow things down then finally dating what's left.

By this time both of you have more than a few hooks in the water so you avoid trying to get too close just in case one of the other guys/girls is more ideal for you.

The most important tip for having a great online dating experience? “Sometimes we have this idea with who we want, but who we want might not be really a good fit,” Gordon says.

For women, it’s the quiet, thoughtful, and spontaneous descriptions. “The key is not to manipulate the system,” she says.

“Who do I think of when I think of spiritual, respectful, and dependable? “And they don’t want to be dating their mom.” The same goes for women, with quiet men generally being perceived as more introverted. You have to be authentic, and also prove to your potential partners that you are.

This, I didn't think it was possible to drift AWAY from people you bonded with over the same hobby.

I used to have a small group of car friends I met with weekly, then for whatever reason it stopped and I wasn't invited back once it started again with other people added in.

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