Van hansis still dating tyler hanes

Though gay publications have been covering Hansis’ groundbreaking work on the daytime drama for months, his sexuality has never been a topic of discussion.

Now, Hilton has linked the 26-year-old actor to Broadway performer Tyler Hanes, posting photos of the look-alike actors and saying he has on good authority the two are dating. There has been next to no speculation on Hansis’ sexuality in the media.

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Some of his fans were at the taping of his pilot last week and they said he came after them after the taping to thank them for coming. If the show was still on Luke and Reid's budding relationship would now be heating up the airwaves, since it is almost a given that Reid's untimely death would not have happened, and Nuke would be a faint memory. Eric will be on the new hit show Body of Proof on May 10th in case you are interested in tuning in so you can bash him.

Eric is extremely handsome, not odd-looking; Jake is not hot - he is actually pretty ugly with a good body. I don't know where all of that crap is coming from. Van is a guy who likes the fun of one night stands with a lot of girls that's why you didn't see him just with one. An awful lot of Nukies jumped ship when the bigger talent arrived.

His blindness was supposed to be the end of Nuke and send him out of town.

Come on, it's just fun, you don't have to read it, if you don't like it. Some people who attended the Nuke thing in Paris said Van was smoking As far as Eric goes, I know nothing about him except he is married with a couple of kids. Dansby wrote an epilogue with Nuke fans and that's the ending for many Nuke fans. I go to Noah Who for good laughs : DActually, Noah's departure was already planned before the show's cancellation.

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