Value of updating to jetted tub

Are you looking to install a walk-in tub for your home?Call us for a free estimate on your new walk-in bath and installation packages.Did you know that some folks who are renovating master bathrooms these days, are choosing to leave out the bathtub, instead opting to have just a really large, walk-in shower.I knew large showers were popular now, but I didn’t know folks were actually doing away with the tub altogether when renovating their master bath. If you’re a regular HGTV watcher, have you seen any mention of this new trend in master bathroom renovations there?Walk in baths from American Standard expertly combine the highest quality safety features with luxury options for a relaxing bath that is especially great for those with limited mobility.Walk-in tubs are available in a wide array of door and installation configurations.I’m hoping to expand the size of my shower which is currently a tub/shower combination.

In fact, I don’t even like the word “trend.” When I hear the phrase, “on trend” I instantly think: fad and everyone’s doing it, so don’t!My electrician is also a builder/contractor and he said a lot of his customers, especially those who live in older homes where the master baths aren’t that terribly big (like mine) feel a bathtub is a waste of space because they only take showers these days.He said no one really has time for soaking in a tub anymore and many felt having a bathtub in the master bathroom was just a waste of space that could be used for something more important, like additional vanity/cabinet space or a larger shower.Full installation available on select American Standard Walk-In-Baths products only, call 888-758-9701 for details.Click the link below for more details and to request a free estimate.

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