Validating date in oracle

In Peoplesoft where we read data from the files, especially for inbound interface , conversion and one time data load.Date is usually read as character field in different format and converted to date.This example assumes the date format to be "MM-DD-YYYY".

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The problem with TO_DATE is that it won't tell you politely when the string is not a valid date: it will raise an error instead. EXCEPTION: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION to_dt ( in_dt_text IN VARCHAR2, in_fmt_text IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'YYYYMMDD' ) RETURN DATE IS BEGIN RETURN TO_DATE ( in_dt_text, in_fmt_text ); EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN RETURN NULL; END to_dt; / SELECT a_date, NVL2 ( to_dt (a_date), 'Yes', 'No' ) AS valid FROM a_table; The final output wanted is a string, "Yes" or "No".Why, then, did I choose to make the to_dt function return a DATE instead of a VARCHAR2?In the long run, it saves time to write reusable functions, code that answers the question you have today, but can also be used to answer the question you may get next year. it's called a function :-) If you are on 12c, you can have that function defined *inside* the update statement itself update /* with_plsql */ 2 ( 3 with 4 function date_checker(p_str varchar2) return date is 5 dte date; 6 begin 7 dte := to_date(p_str,'dd/mm/yyyy'); 8 return dte; 9 exception 10 when others then return null; 11 end; 12 function date_error_msg(p_str varchar2) return varchar2 is 13 dte date; 14 begin 15 dte := to_date(p_str,'dd/mm/yyyy'); 16 return 'OK'; 17 exception 18 when others then return 'Fail'; 19 end; 20 select x,d,err, date_checker(x) valid_date, date_error_msg(x) err_text 21 from t 22 ) 23 set d = valid_date, err = err_text; 24 / 2 rows updated. Thanks again :) May 06, 2016 - am UTC "I was thinking something like using case statement in update and check for converting date using to_date and handle exception in the case block ." There's a name for that ...

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