Validating checkboxes using php

This can be customized for different form field validations. You can paste the entire code directly in the body section of your webpage to get it working.

You can paste the entire code directly in the body section of your webpage to get it working.

I didn't want to post too much code so I guess I didn't post enough.

Basically I was trying to follow along with the code that I already have for the other form elements.

I am passing through an array of check boxes and laravel is ignoring the array completely.

I tend to get a lot of questions around checkbox handling when submitting forms to PHP. When submitted, this form will only include the checkboxes that ARE checked. “stuff” becomes the top-level array key, “dog” and “car” become the 2nd-level array keys, and the input values become the values of “dog” and “car” respectively.

The control's name attribute will be as indicated by argument is "value 1", the control's id attribute will be my_checkbox_value_1.We have more tutorials with other methods to send email from your website at the following links.By default, for checkboxes, radio buttons and select boxes, the library will prevent the submission of other values than those declared when creating the form, by triggering the error: "SPAM attempt detected! Therefore, if you plan on adding/removing values dynamically, from Java Script, you will have to call the disable_spam_filter() method to prevent that from happening! To keep things simple, we will write a function that only strip out any HTML and PHP tag from the captured array element. For simplicity, I chose to strip out HTML and PHP tag only.void HTML_Quick Form::add Group Rule ( string $group , mixed $arg1 , string $type = '' , string $format = '' , int $howmany = 0 , string $validation = 'server' , bool $reset Adds a validation rule for the given group of elements Only groups with a name can be assigned a validation rule.

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