Validating a html web page

There might be no perfect way to fix a whole site, but some are better, or easier, than others.

Using tools introduced below, we will explain a relatively easy method that we believe is good.

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But deciding how to convert an existing site to a standards-compliant format is a difficult decision." If you have a small or moderate-sized site, "zero" may be your answer, however we suggest you choose a more modest figure if you have a big site, 10% for example.Once you have set the limit and the dedicated resources to the cleaning project, the first few rounds of the "step by step method" will give you an idea of how long it will take to reach the limit."The Hard Way", would certainly be the best method to fix an existing site for someone with unlimited resources dedicated to this task.In the "real world", unless the site is very small, this approach is not realistic, except if you make the process gradual, and ordered.

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