Valentines dating advice

Without even realizing it, the thoughts and activities we engage in on a day like Valentine's Day can become more about us than our partner.

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Gorgeous Nadia, 34, has taken the dating world by storm after being snapped up by bosses of the E4 show.

A friend of mine once spent a whole week organizing a surprise for her husband.

In the evenings, she scoured the Internet for clever ideas and then snuck away to make arrangements for every detail of an all-day romantic getaway.

And she says men need to put their hands in their pockets and pay the bill!

She said: “I think the man should pay and I think romance is important.“As a woman you want to be wooed.“You only have to look at those couples who have been married for two decades or more, and in the majority of cases the man wined and dined her at the beginning.“I get tight men calling me out on social media saying ‘What about equality? ’“Of course, I want women to have equal rights and equal pay, but love is different.

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