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We’ll wear you down, resistance is as futile as your etiquette workshops and poster campaign.The agile workplace will soon look like the old workplace, and at last, we’ll be home again. It’s dictatorial pants There’s a disturbing trust paradox with the agile workplace, that all started with the germ of the idea.

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‘Change management’ therefore ends up in the panicked attempt to panel-beat actual people into the theoretical ideal.We’ve never admitted that we don’t know how to do that.It is a fatal flaw, and we could probably end the discussion there, because we’re just going to sit in the same damn place every day.The levels of exasperation experienced do nothing at all for our wellbeing. Life in the agile workplace is a monumental faff – unpacking my stuff from the locker on the floor while colleagues are trailing past, finding a seat while laden with my stuff or staring at a communal monitor with green dots on trying to work out which one the dot is on and getting there before someone else does, adjusting the seat, adjusting the monitor, contending with a docking station that may or may not work because if it doesn’t the person who found that out yesterday didn’t report it because no-one ever does because it’s easier just to move, cleaning the monitor after yesterday’s victim of the high pollen count and cleaning the keyboard with a sani-wipe after yesterday’s avocado, and we’re told that moving around is easy and we should loosen up and be happy to do so. You think that when the coast is clear you can dismantle the change team and it’s all done, fixed, your interest in us as people gets carted out with the empty crates.Its illusory and the old behaviours we were used to and comfortable with will set in again and you’ll be both surprised and frustrated.

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