Usernames for dating profiles

“Shodan isn’t a webcam search engine, the same way that Google isn’t a webcam search engine, even though you can find them on there,” he said.

The Swiss national said screenshots from devices like webcams were added to the site “recently” to provide more information about internet devices to users.

But consumers are not alone in shouldering the blame for security lapses in their connected devices.

Gazeley pointed out that companies may also be held remiss for selling devices with usernames or passwords that are hard-coded into the gadget.

But Matherly was quoted as saying that individuals with nefarious intentions could use Shodan as a “starting point”.

Cybersecurity experts responded by urging people to secure their personal computers with well-encrypted passwords.

Earlier in August, thousands of Hong Kongers were outed when pro-infidelity dating website Ashley Madison was hacked and the details of around 37 million accounts dumped online.This will no doubt prey on Hong Kongers’ growing fears of being hacked or spied on by foreign governments or unknown parties.Last year, universities in the city were struck by an unprecedented wave of cyber attacks while overall cybersecurity incidents in the territory jumped 43 per cent from 2014.Zen is passionate about all things social and is particularly interested in O2O and the burgeoning hardware scene in Shenzhen.Prior to joining the Post, Zen wrote for Beijing-based tech blog Tech Node and Singapore-based tech site Tech

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