Updating windows 98 to 98se

microsoft now views these operating systems as a security risk and is urging people to upgrade to windows xp.originally, microsoft was going to end support for these os versions back in january 2004, but ended up extending the deadline first to june 30, 2006 and then to this final date of july 11.

if it is such a risk, then shouldn't ms be working to make it more secure, or–if it can't do that–offer large discounts to those people who present an original 98 installation cd when purchasing windows xp?

if anyone is reading this on a windows 98, machine, please upgrade for your own security.

windows 98 is fine so long as the machine is not connected to the net.

of the four different types of support it offers, three will be suspended from july.

the remaining support tool will be online self-help, but critically microsoft is stopping security updates, as well as public and technical support.

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