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One solution is to install the system update, provided that the game is of the same region as your Wii.

To determine if a Wiikey is a clone use the following guide: As of now, all region free methods (be it patching with a region free application, or in this case, the Wiikey's built in region free capability) share the same method of patching.

Therefore, all compatibility issues are the same, and can be documented on one specific page. The Wii Key modifies the responses that the DVD Drive sends to the motherboard when verifying discs authenticity.

In opposite to what's stated in the official specification, some people reported problems with Gamecube games that are using streaming audio. You do not have to upgrade the firmware, as the Wiikey comes shipped with one.

Confirm everything is OK, then reboot and reject the disk.

1) Write games to SD card Download WBFS Manager and use it to write games to an SD card using your PC. Insert the SD card into the Wiikey Fusion card reader and start up the Wii. Use the reset button (quick press) to move from game to game (or to the config option) When you have chosen the game you want, press the reset button (long press) and the Wii will restart.

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