Updating the content type failed infopath

You can use the Publishing Wizard to publish a form template to a document library.The Publishing Wizard modifies the form template for use in a document library, creates the new document library, and then saves the form template as the default form template for that document library.When you publish a form template as a site content type, the Publishing Wizard modifies the form template for use as a site content type.Just as you do when creating a new document library, you can convert your form template into a browser-enabled form template in the Publishing Wizard.

We’ve tried to stop promoting the fields during the publish, tried to stop promoting other fields to reduce the total number, tried removing the columns from the content type and publish without those fields, and nothing has worked. It shouldn’t be a time out issue or number of fields issue because we were promoting these fields before, just to a different named column and this publish works perfectly fine in our test site, which is set up exactly the same.Karl N_837 on Wed, The background: We have an Info Path 2010 form that is tied to a Share Point 2013 document library.This form has several hundred fields on it and we are promoting about 170 of them into the Share Point library. We’ve had this form in place for a few years and have never had trouble publishing and promoting the form.The production environment has the column created from the powershell script.We then publish the Info Path form and connect the column from the form to the newly created column.

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