Updating storymill on a new computer

So at the top, you have a very wide box that may be a description of your book as a whole; underneath that, you might have three boxes describing the three main sections of the book; beneath each of those, you might have several boxes describing the chapters in each part; and so on.

It is a plain-text editor, optionally integrating with Markdown or Textile to allow for easily formatted exports.

I had too many research notes and quotes and other stuff saved to word processing documents, in my phone, on pads of paper.

I needed to organize everything and so AMAZINGLY enough I still had a couple of free days on my original download and I took those days to learn the program and haven’t looked back since. Page Four permits you to edit and organize your writing in a tabbed interface.

It is a freeform tool which doesn’t impose plot ideas or perform other creative tasks.

Rather, it helps the author keep track of characters, locations, point-of-view, notes, and so forth, all in one application.

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