Updating rogers nokia 7510 phone firmware

This week the most powerful camera phone on the planet – so to speak – has recieved a software update from Microsoft.The Nokia Lumia 1020 with its beastly back-facing camera will be rolling with Lumia Black, the newest in Nokia-based Windows Phone software – as soon as this afternoon for users across the United States.Share your experience with the Nokia OS update in our Lumia 920 forum and Lumia 820 forum, where you can leave feedback on the update, including any problems you may be having. Rogers has just announced the availability of the UMA-enabled Nokia 7510 in Canada.For the uninitiated, the UMA capability of the Nokia 7510 allows users to seamlessly switch between a Wi Fi (Rogers Talk Spot) and a GSM connection depending on which network type is available.

There are also some general performance enhancements as well and fine-tuning of the OS. For its part, Nokia is including a new firmware maintenance release (build 1249) that will fix and enhance user function.

The stylish Nokia 7510 phone works over the Rogers Wireless GSM network and the wireless internet, or Wi Fi, to provide customers with greater mobility and an enhanced communication experience.

Using the Nokia 7510 handset, Rogers Talk Spot customers can experience unlimited local calling at home without using their airtime minutes.

Cool light effects on the external display stay hidden until needed to show information such as caller ID and a simple push of a button allows users to flip open their phone easily with one hand.

"The Nokia 7510 together with Rogers Talk Spot provides consumers the flexibility of using their cellular and wireless home internet connections, without the inconvenience of switching phones," said Richard White, General Manager of Nokia Canada.

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