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By default, it is unchecked, which means the Pivot Table Layout gets updated as soon as you make changes in the Pivot Table areas. When the data of a Pivot Table is changed in its source, the same can be reflected in the Pivot Table by refreshing it.You can change the range of the source data of a Pivot Table.I have noticed that my pivot tables do not refresh with the most recent data once I: refresh the table, refresh the powerpivot, or refresh all data. The only way I can actually get correct info is by generating a new pivot table where it will get updated info.I have many pivot tables that are conditionally formated and do not want to have to go through the whole process of recreating my pivot tables one by one and reformating them everytime I refresh my excel data. With this method, you’ll get partial automation, without having to add macros to the file.Any time you close then re-open the file, the pivot table will be refreshed.All of the pivot tables reference the same named range, but I need to create a second worksheet that has the same pivot tables, but accessing a different named range. The syntax should be very similar to use a named range rather than a range of cells. Address(Reference Style:=xl R1C1) ' create new Pivot Cache Set pc = This Workbook. Create( _ Source Type:=xl Database, _ Source Data:=new Range) ' loop through all tables in all sheets For Each ws In Active Workbook.

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You can an Excel macro to automatically refresh a pivot table when its worksheet is activated.Further, you also might require to change the Pivot Table Layout for different reports.In this chapter, you will learn the different ways of updating the Layout and / or refreshing the data in a Pivot Table.There are instructions on my Contextures website, for copying VBA code to your own files.Is there an easy way to update the data source for multiple pivot tables on a single Excel sheet at the same time? If you iterate through the Pivot Table collection on each sheet, you should be able to use the method shown in that post to amend the data source.

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