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Add to that the number of Americans who'll need passports to fly across the U. The passport renewal process is getting an overhaul: Starting mid-2018, a new platform will let you renew your passport online, says Carl Siegmund, community relations officer for passport services at the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs.

This could mean the end of those late-night trips to Walgreens photo booths to rush off your application the next morning. passport card and passport book are both acceptable forms of ID.

The qualifying applicants, who submit their application before cut-off time, will have their documents submitted to the visa section, in a separate priority-lot.

The visa section processes these applications on a priority basis and hands them to VFS Global, the same afternoon.

Americans have applied for passports en masse this year—more than 21 million new little blue books were projected, says the State Department—and the number is expected to match that in 2018. A lot of passports were up for renewal: Remember in 2007, how the government told us we needed passports or passport cards to visit Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean?

counter to back office, back office to Ops Hub, Ops Hub to visa section, and so on).

This solution has evolved into a seamless process which includes information dissemination, automated application and appointment systems, helplines, collection and remittance of fees, biometric enrolment, and convenient value added services to enhance the applicant experience.

Over the years, our technology-driven innovative solutions have revolutionised the way visa & passport application services are managed since our inception in 2001.

The website generally comprises the following: VFS Global has considerable experience of delivering turnkey biometric solutions, for a number of its clients worldwide.

We offer both fixed and mobile solutions in a variety of operational settings, all of which achieve compliance with relevant international standards.

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