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Complete the quest to build the Legendary Nursery and summon Gaia to your park!

April 2, 2012 - Backflip posted on their Facebook that we should anticipate a new dragon later this week.

As Jaxxalude mentioned below, for a while the influence of MBV was judged to be only towards the indie scene, where their sound was one of the main components of the "shoegaze" DNA.

As time has gone by, and others have failed to pick up the gauntlet, MBV are now an outpost, the furthest line travelled by a guitar band, who still remain accessible and not purely "experimental".

My Bloody Valentine used to exist as a rock band from 1985 until 1993, in which they released their last studio material.

After two further-planned studio albums were scrapped, the band went on hiatus.

Seven hours after the April Fool's apology Backflip released a sneak peek of Bloom Dragon.

Good thing it has since expanded to all forms of music, because really, what constitutes "electronic" music?

Unless a recording is analog mixed and recorded and pressed onto vinyl, there's some electronics in the process somewhere.

When Loveless finally came, it seemed like a slight dip, given that it included 2 of the best tracks from previous EP's, and offered more at the same level, but not really any new ground.

Since then, obviously, its position has cemented and it stands tall as their greatest single achievement sonically, though those of us along for the ride have our own favourites, in my case the "Isn't Anything" LP burns with an intensity that keeps me returning to it more than Loveless!

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