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Ben's plans were to traverse from Berkner Island to the Ross Ice Shelf via Pole and the Shackleton Glacier.Here is a 20 October Outside Online interview with Ben about the venture..an 8 November Daily Mail article, which includes a photo of his fiancée Pip Harrison (they became engaged in July) as well as the info that one of his major sponsors is Canada Goose...seller of Big Reds with their knockoff of the USAP logo.

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After that, they continued north down the Scott Glacier to the Ross Ice Shelf, manhauled back to the depot at their dropoff point, and kite-skied/manhauled back to Union Glacier.no stranger to Antarctica, was departing the UK on about 27 October to set off on what he called the first solo and unsupported crossing...something originally planned by Ben's friend Henry Worsley, who almost finished before falling ill and passing away in a Chile hospital in January 2016.Ben dedicated his trek in memory of Henry Worsley and used a similar route.His was the next-to-last NGO venture to reach Pole this season; the Norwegians Astrid and Sivert arrived a few hours later.Davor's main website (in English and Croatian) with more information about him and his previous projects, is here.

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