Updating madden 08 roster

Player performances from Week 16, Week 17 and the Wild Card round have been taken into effect, including injuries and starting lineup changes.

As far as overall ratings are concerned, players like Luke Wilson and Jeremy Hill took big jumps while other players like De Marco Murray, Antonio Brown and Tony Romo saw small bumps to their overall ratings.

You can check out the entire spreadsheet of roster updates here.

Other players who dropped in ratings include Alshon Jeffery, A. Odell Beckham Jr now grades out as the highest rookie of his draft class, which is fitting considering his late season performance. It’s not often that EA takes two weeks to send out updates, but the delay was planned.

Additionally, Rob Gronkowski — despite the slight downgrade — still ranks as the best player in the game next to J. Some thought that the PSN hacks over the Christmas season effected the release of the roster updates but that’s not the case.

Now that the NFL regular season is over, the Madden roster updates will soon become final for the entire season.

But there is still football left to be played, and that means a few more roster updates before the offseason kicks in and EA eventually stops updating rosters.

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