Updating imac super drive

The super drive works as it should but the annoying pop up gets on my nerves.. Taken from Mac Fix It - Super Drive Firmware Update 2.1 (#2): Successes, failures, repeating dialog "The optical drives firmware version will be listed (in System Profiler) as HBEA if your drive is a MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857.

Apple does not make it clear what other models of optical drive, if any, require the update." I just checked on my Macbook, appears as HBEA.

Also it has a great utility that it show u is your sound is on or off and what is the sound level..

Have Fun:-]este driver sirve para los cigar2 pro que por algun motivo se daño la informacion y al meterlo al puerto usb señala "device security" y no se instala, el procedimiento correcto es el siguiente : descomprimir el archivo, correrlo y meter el cigar pro 2 en el puerto usb - luego en inicio, panel de control ...driver for all i Pods. - Remember were you extract the file as YOU WILL NEED TO DIRECT WINDOWS TO THIS LOCATION.

Like everything else, proceed at your own risk, and backup your Mac before beginning.The Apple Super Drive is an external CD / DVD drive that reads and writes to optical discs, and while it works great with many Macs, there are some Mac models where the Super Drive doesn’t work, like any Mac that happened to come with a built-in optical drive.For the computers that do not support the Super Drive, connecting the device often pops-up an error message stating that the Superdrive “is not supported on this Mac”.Before giving up on using a Super Drive, you might be able to use a command line hack method discussed here to make a Superdrive work on any Mac, whether it’s supported or not.Of course there is no need to do this on supported machines but for devices where the drive isn’t working, it can be helpful.

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