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I am happy to tell you, a professional electrician tackled the job.

We’re essentially at blank canvas status, which feels fantastic. ), and once they were installed, they looked quite similar to the other wood planks on the ceiling. You may remember, that the ceiling is in three sections, divided by beams, and that the sections were covered in acoustic tile.Happily, it wasn’t load bearing, but we still needed to get it out of the way. Then we replaced the section of missing beam and secured everything with metal plates.Besides those two bedrooms, the rest of the main floor is the white-washed wood. He’s a sculptor that does smallish construction jobs when he’s between art pieces.Someday, we’d love to add whitewashed wood to the bedrooms — and throughout the upstairs too! In the meantime, I adore VCT floors (ours are by Armstrong, ordered from Lowe’s) so they don’t feel like a compromise to me. He’s also the guy that put together our crate shelves in the reading loft. As I mentioned in the last post, we also had to tackle the very old electrical box that was hidden in the closet we removed.

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